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Our lawyers and strategic partners have spent decades developing and refining the most sophisticated legal solutions available today. 

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Our attorneys achieve outstanding results by being more experienced, talented, and creative than our competitors at some of the largest firms in the world.

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We take on the biggest institutions and investors in the world in order to protect our client’s assets and income.

“We bring Forbes 400 solutions to the middle market, helping entrepreneurs and business owners protect and preserve their wealth using the most sophisticated planning solutions available today.” 

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Tax Incentives Help Texas Lead U.S. Economy

Tax Incentives Help Texas Lead U.S. Economy

Texas’ lack of personal income tax has long been a major draw for residents. As one of only seven states without a personal income tax, it truly outshines states like California, which has a staggering...
Tiger 21 Members Share Wealth Management Expertise

Tiger 21 Members Share Wealth Management Expertise

When times are uncertain, people look to trusted experts for direction and insight. If any single group holds the reputation for having the most wealth management expertise, it is Tiger 21. An exclusive club for...

Strategic Partners  

“Within 24 hours of meeting [Joe Garza], I was so impressed with his business model and business acumen, I introduced him to one of my favorite clients… [after he met with Joe] The first words out of his mouth… [were] that he wished he would have met Joe ten years sooner – he could have saved him a fortune.”
Cindy Gatlin – Merrill Lynch

Cindy Gatlin

Merrill Lynch